Komnamites official launching report

, Tue 27th, Jun 2017, 12:04

Fellow komnamites

The Komvention/launching has come and gone but "komnamites" live on.

After all income/expenses, I can happily announce that Komnamites have approximately $8,000 in our coffers after our launching. For clarity sake, registration money isn't included here. Details will be published by our financial team.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great show of love, dedication and commitment. Not so many young people tend to invest in their culture, and heritage as you do. This is a show of responsibility and purpose. I salute you.

In the words of Nawayn Prezi and I quote "Komnamites pulled the largest crowd the Komvention has ever had. Komnamites also helped the Komvention raised the highest amount of money ever."

You may not know this but your excitement on and offline, coupled with your presence at the Komvention made a huge difference. Just by ur actions you either directly or indirectly motivated an uncle, auntie, cousin, brother and sister to attend our Komvention. A fellow Komnamite spoke to me about her general assessment of the atmosphere toward the Komvention and I quote " the Komvention this year na to kill". She was 100% right then and she is right today. Going by what all of us witnessed at the Komvention, it was one of a kind. Take a brief moment and thank yourself, you made it happen.

I want to give a special salute to those who attended the Komvention for their very first time. I hope the foundation laid by this group made the Komvention more enjoyable for you. We look forward to many more Komventions together.

To all the Komnamites, I can imagine the sacrifices we all made. We paid for our travels, hotel, Komvention/annual dues, launching gate fees and much more. Some of us went above and beyond working their butts off before, during and even after the Komvention. All of these for absolutely zero pay. This to me is pure love for Kom. This to me is selflessness, and generosity. I'm so honored to know and work with you. I'm so honored that our paths had to cross in life. You have added a huge value to my life. Forever I will remember you. Forever Kom will remember you. Thank you for all u do.

To our dear artists of Kom extraction (T.Nayah, Missy BK, MAGASCO), there couldn't be any better place to perform than in front of your very own brothers/sisters. We came to you begging and you rose to the occasion, went above and beyond. We promise you our unconditional love and loyalty. Thank You!

To Nawayn Prezi, and Bobe VP, Komnamites was an idea conceived and initiated by you. You have attended every meeting and have walked with us all along. We salute you both for staying true to the group and protecting the original goal/mission of the group. With the love for Kom in every step we take, we won't go wrong. Thank you!

The launching didn't go as perfect as planned. The main reason was that we didn't check all the boxes, didn't have any time to meet and assess our preparedness. To make a bad situation worse, we were all late to the occasion. We take responsibility for everything that went wrong and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused. I know you deserve the best and that wasn't offered. We will do better next time. Let's try to move on. We have more important and better things to focus our energy on. Successful and positive people focus on the positives. I'm glad we have more positives than negative. I know you are part of this group mainly because you're a positive person. Thank You!

It is your singular right to know what we all raised, what was spent and what we have in our coffers now. The finance team will provide you with those details very soon.

Stay tuned to where and when we should meet next. This meeting should give us an opportunity to properly introduce our EXCO, have time to know each other better, vote on our bylaws, and celebrate us (DANCE, DANCE, Dance till dawn).

Information on our various locations will be out soon. Please  take time to vote on where and when u want us to meet next.

Thank you for trusting in us to serve you.

Thank You!